Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Warning: This could be offensive!

I have been very hesitant to share these next few "before" pictures with my viewing audience.  People, these pictures are tough to look at...but if you are willing, lets begin.....

Welcome to our charming casa!  Don't let the sweet exterior fool you....

Because once we make our way inside and to the kitchen...EEKS! Please allow me to point out a few tragedies....

1. The backsplash.  The flowering grapes just do not tickle my fancy.
2. The remense of white paint on the cabinet doors.  . 
3. The limited counter space!
4. The wall color!  Yellow in and of itself isn't 'bad ...but it just doesn't jive witih the feel we are trying to achieve in our home.

Next up....the converted outdoor patio.  Granted this room could be way worse....but in my opinion it is just frumpy!  From the floors to the orginal outdoor walls (these are the walls with the molding running vertical), this room is in need of some TLC!

Editors note: all wall colors in these rooms were in place upon purchase of the home.

(Yes the dog crate is being moved! If you were to ask Cody, our border collie, (or J) how he (they) felt about that, you would think I had disowned him (them)!)

Finally, the "laundry room".  I told you these pictures might be tough to stomach!

But one day soon, these rooms will be completely transformed......

Next, I wanted to share my answers to the 8 questions my friend Heather from "Fine Wine and Diapers" asked.

1. What bones have you broken and how did you break them?
I drank LOTs of milk as a kid…so no broken bones for me! (Knock on wood!)

2. If you could get any type of plastic surgery what would you get?
Ok this is kinda gross, but I would have leg lengthening surgery! Eh I shudder at the thought of the recovery process but to be tall……

3. What was your biggest fashion mistake?
Oh sooo many….but the worse in my mind was the first day of seventh grade. Teal denim shorts rolled up to the top of the knee, white collared shirt button ALL the way up and Birkenstocks (with white socks!)

4. Had to omit question since I have two nieces that are regular viewers of this blog :)

5. What is the best job you ever had?
The one I have now ???? oops, i meant, the one i have now!!!!!

6. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Oh this is a tough one….I would love to pack up everything and move to the Italian countryside. But to be honest, I sure did love my 26 years of living in the South! So….my anywhere in the world would be a lake house on Lake Martin in Alabama. That way I could own season tickets to all the Auburn football games!

7. What reality TV show would you most want to be on?
Oh I would LOVE to be on Divine Design and have Candice Olsen come and transform one of my rooms! Ah……how fun!

8. What is your favorite season?
FOOTBALL SEASON! That is a season right?

War Eagle!!!



Number 4 = so funny! I forgot what I asked and thought "I dont think I wrote anything inappropriate!" And then I saw what it was! Can't wait to see all the renovations!