Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Much Needed Face Lift....

Since December, J and I have wanted to re-model our sunroom and kitchen.  Initially, we had planned to do most the work ourselves; however, as of last Tuesday, we gave up that dream and hired a contractor.  In less than a weeks time, these rooms have seen complete demolition!  It has been such a beautiful and dusty process!

Over the next few weeks, I plan share the before and after photo's. However, as of today these rooms are only decorated with exposed 2X4's and installation so I thought I might show with you our inspirations!

Our kitchen is a small galley kitchen with a little less than 50 square feet of usable space. As you can tell, we don't have that much room to work with.  So we are focusing on change the back splash, the counter tops and floors.  And of course a few coats of paint will definately help!

When it came to picking our inspiration, we decided to stick with the cottage feel and are in hopes of creating an open and airy culinary studio! 

We also plan to add a few pendant lights to help illuminate the cooking area.  I want something "fun" to help add interest to the space.

  But do we go with a sheik and modern look....


 rustic and charming.... 

Thoughts and suggestions are welcomed!

I like to pretend that this is me in my new kitchen.....ah, just another day cutting fresh flowers (but I would be smiling).....


Directly off from the kitchen is our garage.  As you envision this room, please remember that it is a typical 1940's one car garage.  Meaning today's car might be able to fit in it, but the chances of the driver being able to exit the car via anything other than a sunroof is non-existent.  

Since we are currently using this space for storage, we decided to enclose half of it and convert that half into a laundry/pantry area.  Ok so stay with me as I show you the vision..........

First, we will create a small pantry directly off the kitchen.  I have marveled over pantries for quite some time now since we have absolutely no storage space in our current kitchen....here are my favorites!

Next, we will add a small bench seat directly across from the pantry.  The seat will resemble the ones seen below.

Then the remaining space will be converted into laundry room. You have NO idea how excited I am about an indoor laundry room.  Here is a fun story for you....last winter, it was FREEZING in Tulsa.  (I have been told it was the coldest winter that anyone can remember.)  The moment I realized that something was going to have to change was when I was doing laundry one night and the next morning I descovered the clothes had frozen together ...frozen solid as a ROCK!   So yes...excited is an understatement.  I won't have to thaw out our laundry anymore!

I only needed to find one picture to know what I wanted.  I love everything about this laundry room.

(original source unknown)
Last but certainly not least, the sunroom.  This room use to be the outside patio until the previous owners closed it in.  By adding new walls, french doors, wood floors and a few built-ins, we are converting this once closed in outdoor patio into a much needed study!

Granted our current house could never make this room work, but i sure do love it! Maybe one day.....


Before and after pictures will be coming your way soon!  I hope you enjoy watching our house transform because I sure do!

Oh and before I leave, my dear friend Heather from "Fine Wine and Diapers" tagged me to answer 8 random questions about myself.  Tomorrow, I plan to post the answers to these fun questions! 



I love all of your ideas. I am DYING for a white kitchen. Our cabinets are dark, and it drives me crazy every day! Can't wait to see before/after pics


Can't wait to see all the changes!