Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The three F's...Fellowship, Football and Fabric

Over Labor Day weekend, I traveled back to God's country (for those of you who are not familiar that God's country can be Birmingham, Alabama or Auburn, Alabama....depending on context of course) to visit with family and friends.  It was such a fun weekend so I wanted to share a few pictures!

As soon as my plane landed, mom, dad and myself headed to my high school Alma mater for one of the best high school rivalries in Birmingham!  When we arrived, the stadium was already at capacity. The fire marshall informed the growing number of spectators the only way in was to form a line and wait for people to leave.  Thank goodness we were in the front of that line!

(Sandra Ivey McMahan)

(Sandra Ivey McMahan)

(Sandra Ivey McMahan)

(Sandra Ivey McMahan)


(Sandra Ivey McMahan)

After the game, we headed to the field and attempted to do a few routines from our yonder years....I personally think we still got "IT". 

Yes, CJ hit a 50 yard line split!

                                  The Floyds                                           The Floyds 2010 Christmas card

On Saturday, we had fun listening to the Auburn game while we roasted marshmallows!

miniature marshmallows that is........

And we ended the weekend with a family cook-out!

The moms.....

The kids...

The group (trying to get assembled)....

and the group again!

But it doesn't end there!  In between the heaps of food and football, mom and I spent a total of five hours fabric shopping and I am happy to report that I feel in love with three fabrics (and a chair)!  Will post those pictures tomorrow!