Monday, January 24, 2011


What does this month mean to you?

As an accountant, it means the end of a social life busy season.

I miss blogging ....... and weekends! 

Be back soon!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ice Blue

This week has been cold and icy! Because of these bone chilling temperatures, I have been dreaming in shades of blue.........and a little turquoise. 

(via colour lovers)

Here are a few of my favorite blue inspirations.  I attribute my affection for these rooms to the elegant and feminine use of this color.  Call me crazy....but there is just something chilling about these pictures. (Yes that was word play.)



Now where is my paint brush!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This seriously is the last one!

In case you happened to miss the game last night, I wanted to let you know Auburn won that little scrimmage I have been blubbering about.

(via Birmingham News)

In other words,

What an incredible 2010 season!!!! I sure do love my Tigers!  WAR EAGLE!

Seriously, tomorrow = NO football talk!  I swear!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Going on a Duck Hunt!


Today is the day!

Regular, non-Auburn related posts will return tomorrow.
Thank you for being patient while I go crazy for my Alma mater!

Friday, January 7, 2011

I love this.....


Did I mention my Auburn Tigers have a BIG game coming up?

Although, I wish I had scored one of these,......

I will settle for watching a lot of these!

Only 3 more days!

WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Southern Christmas!

After an amazing Christmas break, J and I are back in Tulsa.  We spent a little over a week in God's country and had a wonderful time being with friends and family.  Now its back to reality *yawn*

So what did we during our 8 day soiree in Dixie?

Glad you asked.......

We loved on our dog,....

and our nieces. 

We attempted several "girls" photos
(and this is the best we could do...eeks!).....

and destroyed built a gingerbread tee pee house.

We danced in the kitchen......

 and got really excited to celebrate someones 10th birthday!

We found it hard to go to bed in anticipation of Santa's arrival......

and woke up REALLY early to learn that Santa did pay us a visit.  But let me tell you, that jolly man is smart! He decided to leave all the gifts in the large living room so we grown ups could nap on the couch while presents were being opened. 

We drank an abundance of coffee.....

and ate oodles of food!


We watched our sweet, calm dogs decided they didn't like each other......

and watched in amazement as our father agreed to smile for yet another picture (this is NOT normal folks!).

(Still smiling!?!?!? We decided it was a Christmas miracle)

We witnessed our first "white" Christmas in over 100 years (yes, you read that correctly....100 years!).....

and immediately went outside to play.

We built a really dirty snowman......

while Nana watched from inside the house.

We attempted to take a group photo.....

which started a HUGE snowball fight,
 (Seconds before Molly pegged me in the face with one!)....

and finally resulted in us ganging up on J.

We made funny faces....

and had deep conversations.

We played board games......

and enjoyed each others company.

Did I mention we had snow?

I even got a family photo without having to beg!

We love you guys!