Friday, September 24, 2010

I love this!

I love shopping (and lets just say online shopping has opened up a whole new world of possibilities)! I realize I don't always wear the most fashionable outfits or sport the trendiest bags, but I love looking for them.  I believe I have what people refer to as "champagne taste on a beer budget!" So in lieu of going out and making all these purchases, I have decided to share some of my finds with you (and maybe you will go buy it so I don't have too)!

So on this beautiful September 24th, Our Southern Front Porch has now deemed Fridays as "I love this" Fridays!

Today, I would like to showcase two necklaces that have made my Christmas list (for a second year....last year the list was not circulated due to a certian wedding)!

I think I will just let Santa decide between the two!
Have a great weekend!