Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This is a really lame post

Seriously, this post is pretty bad.  There is no decorating inspiration. There are no funny stories. There are no pretty pictures....well, there are a few pictures, but they are of a dog.  So here is your chance........

If you are still with me, today's post is dedicated to my friend Cody.  I am not real sure why I felt compelled to write about him; but last night, as he lay beside our bed snoring, I decided I needed to introduce the sweetest member of our family.
Cody came into the J's life 6 years ago.  At the time, he was 6 weeks old. 

Younger J and Cody

For 6 years, it has just been these two boys.  They slept together, watched tv together and dined together.   They were buds!  Man and his best friend!

(I know this picture is kinda gross)

Present day..........I move in and things slowly begin to change.  For unknown reasons, J and Cody no longer sleep together.  They no longer waller on the couch.  Cody no longer eats off the floor.  Life changed for Cody.  He had no warning.


So here is to my friend! I am sorry I have kicked you out of the big bed, but I am glad you still love me!

I promise relevant post to come soon!