Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Are pretty annoying!  And everyone you talk to has a home remedy they swear by.....spoon full of sugar, spoon full of honey, peanut butter, stand on your head, drink milk, stand on your head and drink milk at the same time, have someone scare you, stare at an object, have someone tickle you....and on and on and on.......

Well last Friday evening, our household was attacked by a case of the hiccups.  Here is how it all went down:

7:32 pm - Getting ready to go out for dinner.  Jacob gets the hiccups.

7:34 pm - He decides to try the "hold your breath for 30 seconds" method. After 10 seconds of complete silence, I come out of the bathroom to watch.

7:34 pm - His eyes roll back in his head and he proceeds to PASS OUT!

7:35 pm - He comes to, I finally realize he is serious and not kidding with me and we both begin to process what just happened.

7:35 pm - Jacob is now sporting serious carpet burn on his face!


This picture does not show the nastiness of the burn!  But trust me....it was pretty bad! 

We NO longer practice the "hold your breath" method in our household! 



Poor Jacob! That is crazy...I always use the "hold your breath" method...


Kenny says "he has the only tried and true cure for hiccups...it has never failed... for anyone that has done it the correct way. Just call me and I will tell you. Can't spread it over the internet!"

Bonnie says,"Poor Jacob! Don't do that again!"


That is out of CONTROL....