Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Old House

And here she is....

In all her glory....

Our first home!

I adore this house. It is in an ideal location with a welcoming front porch and large lawn. My affection for this house is only heightened by its interior character and charm. We still have the original mounted gas heaters (and yes they still work!), hardwood floors and marble window ledges. Great, huh? But.........for some reason the previous owners decided to turn this cozy bungalow into a decorating nightmare. Who puts tile over the original hardwood? And Forrest green tile at that (with dark blue walls)! As a result of the questionable taste of those individuals who once loved our home as we do now, Jacob and I have embarked on a year (or two) long adventure to restore the classic allure this cottage once had. To date we have only re vamped the master bath but are currently knee deep in the restoration of our hall bath. I will return tomorrow with pictures!