Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Party Animals

The Venue

The staff:  Molly, Vice President of Interior Design

and J, Vice President of Production

The set up

The staff goofing off

and goofing off some more!

When did my Molly grow up?

Take 1....

Take 2....

Party Planning Board of Directors

Apparently, Molly made every picture taken that night

Waiting for the guest of honor....

a few of the party goers

(Dad is currently saying..."Hey Pat,look who is here." He still has no clue)

Moment of recognition!

Saying hello to his fans.

President of Party Planning and a member of the Board

Listening to some GREAT stories !

One guest decided to return a drill bit that he borrowed when he and his family moved in next door to my parents in 1982.


(he was ready to eat cake)

The entire family!

Dad and his closest friends!

All in all, I would say we DEFINITELY pulled one over on him!



Happy Birthday Doug! Looks like it was a great party!!! I know you guys had a blast!

H2's Mommy

I remember your sweet Dad from Winn Dixie. Hope he had a very Happy Birthday!