Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I've been dreamin

I love fires.

But I really love fireplaces.

Especially, old dilapidated ones!


This winter we have definitely put ours to use!  I guess that is what happens when a city (especially a "southern" city ) experiences subzero temperatures!
(may God bless Northerners with warm boots and heavy coats!)

Last night as I hovered over the hearthstone, I realized I wanted something more for this open recess in my wall!

I sat back and began to dream............

I dreamt of fresh flowers,

(Country Living)

and urns surrounded by pebbles,

(unknown source)

and cool owls with fire-engine red berry branches,


and boards,


and tables,


and firewood,


and books,

(unknown source)

and more books,

(unknown source)

and coral,


and vases,

(House and Home)

and chandeliers,

(unique unique desgin)

and fire-proof urns,

(unknown source)

and birch,

(Real Simple)

and mirrors!

(source unknown)

But for the time being, I will enjoy the warmth!