Thursday, October 21, 2010


Even though our furniture is wrapped in plastic and the painters have decided to camp out in our study, I am still convicted to decorate the ole homestead in honor of Fall. So this past weekend, I went on a scavenger hunt to find the perfect items to bring our mantle to life.  

First, I found an old vases and gave it a facelift with a hot glue gun and some twine.


I then made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby with $10 in hand.  30 minutes later, I returned to my car with these twigs.


Next, I went outside and started picking up all the acorns I could find (which wasn't many since all the squirrels in Tulsa gather in our yard!)


I then threw some books, pretty orange candles and my dollar pumpkin from Target up on the mantle.  I was about to call it a day, when I decided to trim some of the twigs.  I went to grab the wire clippers from the garage when the sea of tools parted and I saw (for the first time) j's deer antlers.  I snapped them up and run inside! As I am running to the mantle, J tells me that antlers are "boy toys" and not meant for decorations.....


$10 and a sulking husband later, our mantle is ready for Fall....


and the mirror is in need of a good cleaning.




Looks good. Love the twine around the vase!

I have some acorns you can have! =)


ok, so next year I am going to "knock off" your mantle, I love it! I personally hate halloween, but feel peer pressure to decorate because I have a toddler that is starting to notice these things. This is tasteful and pretty, thanks for the inspiration!