Wednesday, October 13, 2010


When J and I married, I new what I had signed up for.....I knew that part of this marriage deal was moving to tornado alley. Growing up in Alabama, I was well trained in severe weather action plans. My family did not respect severe weather as I felt they should! So I would hold semi-quarterly tornado drills in case such disaster struck. Looking back, I can see where this fear of storms might have been considered a bit extreme. I will admit the tornado survival kit did take up plenty of space in my closet and everyone hated being around me in bad weather due to the waterfall of tears I produced, but when the sirens went off I would spring to action!

What was the family plan you ask.....
First, corral family to an interior room (followed by begging dad to join us).
Second, grab a pillow (as well as my bible because someone had to start praying for dad's safety!).
Finally assume the tornado position with the pillow securely placed over the head.

All this to say....tornado safety....I can handle....Earthquake safety is another story! This morning I experienced my first earthquake....OK so it was only a 5.1 magnitude "tremor". But still.....I my computer screen was shaking!

So in lieu of this recent event, I decided I should brush up research earthquake survival information so J and I can be prepared! 

I wanted to share the first thing I have learned......Did you know that earthquakes happen frequently in Oklahoma?!?!?!  Well thanks to the following survey, I am now considering earthquake insurance!!! (oh of course I am only kidding....kinda....)

I shall now go prepare our earthquake disaster relief kit.  I will have to clean J's shoes out of the closet for this one.........



You make me laugh. As I think back, the Branchwood Circle crew might have qualified as "Storm Chasers" excluding one of course. But earthquakes are something else. Jacob may have a hard road ahead.


That is hysterical. I didn't feel anything...crazy, though!