Friday, May 18, 2012

It's a ......

Jacob and I were able to find out the gender of our little one at 18 weeks.  But we decided it would be fun to keep it a secret.  Just our little secret.

So we did just that....until we ran into some special friends....like the mail man, the random (really sweet) older lady standing next to us at Redbox and the bag boy at the grocery store who would have rather been discussing dirt then the gender of our little bundle of joy.  It was after the we told the waiter at a local restaurant that we decided we weren't very good at keeping secrets.

So we decided to invite a few family members over and make our announcement.


The mothers were given the duty of cutting the cake...


and...IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

Ella Grace Odom will be here in a short 15 weeks! 



Oh.my.gosh!! Congrats to you both! What a cute / sweet way to revel the baby's gender! Yay for little girls! :)


So excited. Gosh, only 15 weeks. Time is flying!! At least seems that way to me...


so exciting! Little girls are the best :)