Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Catching up.....Christmas

I started uploading all our Christmas pictures and lost them for some reason. 

So instead of dazzling you with 103 pictures, here are 3.

First we begin with the annual "Seriously Allison, I am not taking a picture sitting on Santa's lap" picture.

Mrs. Claus couldn't get Santa to really narrow in on the camera this year.  Maybe his far off gaze is regarding his upcoming busy season?

Next.....wait for it.....


Don't worry.....ALL the trees in the front yard had lights hanging from them!

And we round out our photo session with Cody reading his Christmas card from one of his dog friends.
(Not kidding)
He liked the card so much he hid it in a very special place.  The place is so secertive, I still haven't been able to locate it.

And with that....Merry Christmas (even if it is February)!


Kathy Jo

You always leave me waiting on your next post...I am sure it will be GREAT!!!

Kathy Baker


Hey Allison! So I was randomly googling something at work and your blog came up! And now I can't stop reading...oh well - work can wait, ha! Following you now! :) Brooke