Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where we've been

Since we last talked, J and I have been busy.
We have purchased a house, put a house on the market and sailed the wide open sea!

Today we will keep it simply and just focus on life at sea!

So do you remember how Dad had a BIG birthday this year? 

Well this was his gift.....

Yep...we bought him a ship. 
Go big or go home, right?

Day 1 was packed with events.

First, we boarded the "boat" wearing these sexy shirts!



(everyone BUT dad thought the shirts were cool????)


Next, we had a few grueling rounds of chess.

Finally, we attempted to take really sweet pictures.

It didn't work so we just took pictures of the sunset.


Day 2-
we mastered the wind blown look,

while others modeled hats,

and Lucy sipped refreshing smoothies!

That evening we dressed in our Sunday finest,

and showered each other with love.

the power of advertising.....

Day 3....

we played in the crystal clear ocean,


listened to the pirate ship blast sensored Cee lo,




stared down tiny birds as they stole food from our plates,


and protected ourselves from the sun.

That evening we took mug shots


and the 2011 family Christmas card photo.


Day 4 - Nassau

We visited the Pirates Museum,

and ran into Anne Bonny and her gang.
(if you are not up to date on your pirate history, you may want to review this.)

We eventually escaped, knocked back some H2O

and figured out directions.

Then daddy wanted to make sure we saw the shells,

Molly ate a treat and

Lucy had a little cry.

This is Molly talking Lucy off the ledge.

J and I decided to ditched the group and rented this bad a bike!
Yeah, I agree, he looks fierce.

Can anyone find waldo?

We explored the island and pretended we were in a motorcycle gang. 

That evening, we ate with the locals.

Day 5 - Race Day

Molly looks terrified.

and on the final night, we took a nice Family Photo!

what a great trip!

I am truly blessed with a wonderful family!

 OH yes...one more thing.

As we are walking of the boat, I see this!
I had no clue he had taken it.  If only I had found it sooner it would be framed hanging on our wall.
 Isn't he handsome. It is that award winning smile if you ask me!